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The Next American Revolution

The Debate Washington Did Not Want Going Forward


My name is Timothy J. Osborne, and i  hereby declare my Candidacy for The President of the United States of America.

In the years ahead you will be told many things about me by the puppet news-media and establishment politicians in Washington, some true, some not. You will be told i am an ex-felon who’s been in prison, and that’s true. And you will be told i’m not a man of good moral character, that i have no sense of honor and decency, that i lack a sense of good judgement, that i’m uneducated, or that i’m a ‘racist’ etc., and therefor not qualified for the office of the Presidency. But that is not true.

And what they won’t tell you is i have been framed and wrongly convicted in my life, more than once, beginning at an early age, that caused me to begin to question the sense of morality of some in Government. I’m not saying i haven’t made mistakes in my life, like most people i have. But while i was in prison i educated myself, and the more i learned, the more i came to understand some in gov’t have their own questionable sense of morality, and i learned just how deeply in trouble the Nation is in, and once released,  became an activist to save it. And like most revolutionary leaders down through history, it caused me to be put in prison again. I eventually went on to write extensively on various subject-matters of importance to the Nation, and am the author of a newsletter called The Osborne Quarterly
dedicated to making the public aware of facts ignored by Washington and its fake-news puppets.

And what they won’t tell you is some in the Federal Government targeted, and fabricated evidence of a criminal-nature against me to frame me for things i did not do, to ruin me and silence me if i did not cooperate, or they would destroy my name in ways nobody would ever take my writings seriously. But i defied them and their threats, and thankfully, as you will learn below, because of Freedom of Information Act Court filings, leaked communications and whistle-blowers, some identified, some not, in the Government itself, they were stopped from moving forward with an indictment.

And as the Campaign moves forward and the details of The Platform of Change emerges, you will begin to understand why some in Government, who were failing and betraying the Nation to enemies at the highest levels, did not want the debate i was documenting going forward. But it must be advanced or the strategy of Communism to overtake America, and all other Nations on earth, where there exists free-market economies, will eventually succeed.

Now you may be asking yourself...why should i waste time and money supporting a Candidate who doesn’t stand a chance of winning because of his history. Maybe not, but getting elected is not what’s important, and it’s not a waste, and here’s why:

The news media and every politician in Washington knows when there needs to be change that isn’t getting done by either party, the only way it gets done is for an outsider to run a campaign, and even if it doesn’t win the first time out, you keep campaigning, and the more you do, the more support base you build, until eventually it becomes so much mass, Washington is forced to change, or risk  becoming irrelevant in American Politics going forwar
d.  That’s what the radical closet/communist Bernie Sanders did. He succeeded in forcing change in the Democratic Party by building a support base of voters that only numbered around 10 million in the 2016 Presidential Primary, and while It wasn’t enough to force bipartisan commitment across party lines, it was enough to force concession within one party.

So Imagine what could be accomplished if we built a support base of 3 to 5 times that much or more. It could actually force both parties to commit because if they didn’t, they know they would be at risk of an Independent Third Party rising to the challenge and the establishment becoming irrelevant in politics going forward. That’s what has to happen, because the establishment is not getting it done. 

And i want to direct myself now to all the indebted millenials saddled with over 1 Trillion Dollars in student loans that have, or are considering, suppporting socialist politicians promising ‘ free stuff’-be smart and wait. Socialist Governments always fail, and when it does, you and your descendants will find themselves in a much more desperate situation. Hold on a little while longer, and there will be lending institutions established that make financial assistance available you need to pay off your loans, that will operate fundamentally different than banks, and the Government,.i.e, no interest-payments. Just pay it back ‘ as you can afford to ‘.

So please volunteer. Spread the word, and links, on social media platforms, bumper stickers, t-shirts, hats, signs, and any other way you can. And one of the most effective ways to advance this Campaign is to spread the link at  ‘ ‘, and not just nationally. This Revolution should be global.

As the Campaign moves forward, i’ll be adding more content, including photos and video, as well as a Tour schedule.

Talk about your Revolution America, and let’s create a more prosperous, secure future, and save The Nation.

The debate for The Next American Revolution and War on Poverty-begins now:

On The Question of Economic Change

In ‘ Tactics of Social Democracy ‘ the Communist Freidrich Engels wrote..’ Nothing more was to be done until the outbreak of a ‘ new world economic-crisis ‘. What kind of economic-crisis was he talking about? I believe it is about the ‘ inflation of prices’., i.e., the cost of living to create an increasingly expensive society that Communists themselves are deliberately causing. That the strategy is about inflation of ‘ prices ‘ as opposed to ‘ goods ‘, is also reflected in the words of Karl Marx, the main philosophical thinker/writer that defined the Communist ideology, who stated..’ the inflation of prices leads to a crash ‘. How do they accomplish that? Infiltration of Business. How else could it possibly be accomplished?

That was written in the 1800’s, and since that time there has been a steady increase in the cost of living that has now reached obscene levels that i believe is accomplishing exactly what was intended..more and more of the population becoming so dissatisfied toward the system they are increasingly supporting radical politicians promising ‘ free stuff ‘, and raising taxes to such high levels it would cause economic-meltdown. The support base of such politicians, who i believe have either consciously, or unwittingly, become instruments in furtherance of the strategy of Communism to overthrow America, is increasing. The Democratic Party is proof of that.

But the approach of confronting an increasingly expensive society by creating big gov’t that provides basic needs... housing, education, health-care,etc., and raising taxes to such levels it causes economic-meltdown, is the wrong approach..and not competent. That only does what Communism wants because it does nothing to control cost, it allows it to continue to increase, that creates the dissatisfaction and rise of radicals to power. It helps Communism over the finish line. Why should Americans be concerned about Communism taking over the Nation? Because Communism is an insanity that has been responsible for the slaughter of approx 100 Million people throughout its history; abolishes all forms of private property, including the elimination of the family unit; and enslaves its opposition. Under Communism there is no Liberty-no Right of Speech or to Peacefully Assemble ; no Right of Due Process and Legal Representation in Criminal Proceedings; no Right of Privacy, no Prosperity, no Freedom, and no Happiness. Only fear.

What America needs is a different kind of Revolution. Not one that allows cost of living to increase to obscene levels and higher taxes, but a Revolution that aims at controlling it. The opposite of what Communism wants. And i believe the way to accomplish that is a ‘ periodic price-reset on a cyclical-basis’.

Here’s how it would work:

Prices across the board in all areas of commerce would be dramatically slashed, say by at least 50% and the Economy put on a price-reset moment on a cyclical-basis, say once every quarter-century. What that means is-once every 25 yrs., there comes a moment, sort of like a 4th of July celebration, when the cost of living is slashed back to the starting point.. by law.

Finally-the yearly inflation rate permitted would be capped at, say no more than 2. % and wages adjusted for inflation on a quarterly basis.

Think about that, and the more you do, the more you will begin to realize how good that would be for everybody, rich and poor. There are multiple advantages:

1. prevents the strategy of communism of inflation of prices to obscene levels from ever succeeding, while maintaining a free-market economy

2.creates a moment 2-3 times during the lifetime of every citizen when every dollar you have suddenly increases in purchasing value in direct proportion to the price-reduction. For example-say you have 10k in savings at the moment of reset. At the moment that law takes effect, that 10k is suddenly worth 15k in purchasing ability, i.e, it buys 50% more stuff than what it could the day before the reset; if 50k in savings, it becomes worth 75k; if 100k, its worth 150k; and if a million or billion, its suddenly worth 1.5 in purchasing ability in the new, cheaper economy

3. all social security accounts increase in purchasing value at the moment of reset, that would mean a dramatic decrease in gov’t cost related to health-care programs, as more and more Americans would become more prosperous and able to care for themselves, and

4. less poverty and a more educated population because it stays more affordable, making it easier for everybody to survive and prosper

That’s a future everybody should be excited about.  An economy that does not reach obscene levels of cost, where an operation and just a few days in the hospital can be in the millions of dollars that wipes out the family savings, causes you to lose your home, and may even put you in debt; an economy where a college education can now be in the hundreds of thousands; and dinner and a movie night out with the family at least a hundred bucks, and prices increasing on nearly a weekly-basis in some part of the economy. To the average family, that has become out of reach, and because everything is becoming increasingly expensive, it is increasing poverty, detracting from quality of life, and putting radicals in power.

Now some nay-sayers will does that help people who own property such as  homes, land, or commercial property,etc., when at the moment of reset, the value plummets. While its true property value would decrease at the moment of reset, it does not mean there has to be a loss in profit:

First, most homeowners are not in it for purposes of profit, but to keep it so the family always has a place and pass it on.  But for those who are in it strictly for investment purposes, whether it’s a home, a piece of land, or commercial property, keep in mind your cash reserves increase in purchasing value at the moment of reset, offsetting any loss in value. But if there is still some loss, you simply wait and let it appreciate until its gained back before selling. And of course you also have the option of renting or leasing it out until you’ve gained back the loss.

Also-as outlined below, government cost would be dramatically scaled back to the point the government would have a  surplus in revenue, making it possible for all property-owners to receive financial compensation for the decrease in property value once every 25 years at the moment of the price reset.  So there really doesn’t have to be a loss in profit related to property holdings of investors as a result of the reset.

It is possible to create and pass on an economy that makes it easier for everybody to survive and prosper to future generations, and defeat the strategy of Communism, but it will require economic change of a revolutionary nature to accomplish it. What the Economist Adam Smith of the 1700’s said..that competition would be enough to keep prices a failed theory. It can only be accomplished by Law, and the gov’t has the Constitutional authority to regulate commerce to control the cost of living, but has failed to do it, while prices increase in some part of the economy on nearly a weekly-basis.

Presidents are elected to confront challenges- whether its to National Security, the Economy, or Education,etc., Presidents are elected to be problem solvers, not let it become a worse situation. It is estimated approximately45 million Americans currently live in poverty, while another 100 million live near the poverty line, and that medical costs are the leading cause of Bankruptcy in America, resulting in approx a half of a million ( 500,000) Americans every year falling into poverty. But if you add to that  birth rates of Americans born below the poverty line, and immigration, its hard to believe nay-sayers that act like there isn’t a massive increase in poverty every year in America-and that works to the advantage of the strategy of Communism.

And while i’m honest enough to recognize and admit the economic policy agenda of the current administration succeeded in bringing the economy back from the brink of ruin before the communist-virus struck, and other positive changes, i have concluded it is not enough change to stop the strategy of communism from gaining momentum, and the Democratic Party Candidates would only make the situation worse.

At a minimum, three things must be accomplished to prevent the strategy of Communism from gaining momentum: 1) control cost  2) reduce poverty and 3) secure borders with limited, merit-based immigration. Unless those three things get accomplished, the strategy of Communism will continue to gain momentum. I realize the proposed economic change will probably take 1-2 decades of campaigning and elections to get it accomplished, but there is something that can be done to immediately begin to reduce poverty, and i urge both the business community and ministries to get involved in implementing the following 4 step plan of action in every state in areas that have the highest poverty rate:

lending institutions that make financial assistance available to the needy that operates fundamentally different than banks in the following ways: no collateral required; no interest-payments; no forclosures; and payments established in the amount the individual can afford

2 profit-share companies that not only pay a fair wage based on education, skill and experience, but in addition to a weekly check for wages, they receive a quarterly check of a percentage of the profits of the company divided equally among all employees, after cost, and wages adjusted for inflation on a quarterly basis

3 low-income affordable housing projects that puts homeless and those below the poverty line in annual income into their own housing at no down payment-and lease-to-own

4 a crisis center staffed with individuals that provide the following services;   counseling and assistance in obtaining necessary documentation for employment; transportation to and from appointments, job interviews etc; and a meal-on-wheels-fleet providing food to the needy that relies on local food donations

Now my critics will argue that is evidence i don’t know how to run a business in the most cost-efficient way. They’re right to the extent its not the most cost-efficient business plan, which would be profit-share companies only, without the 3 other components. I was just trying to be as generous as possible and still be profitable for those who can afford it.  But for those of you that are more limited in the amount of capital you have, the most cost-efficient way forward would be profit-share companies without the 3 other components. And if everbody continues to establish more and more profit-share companies in more poverty stricken communities across America, you will begin to see poverty rapidly plummeting on a national scale.  I strongly urge everybody that has capital to invest to get involved and help revolutionize the economy, and as more and more companies do that, it will have a snowball effect that will create a more prosperous population and minimize the chances of the strategy of communism succeedinhg.

There should also be established a non-profit organization whose bylaws should look something like this:

The Disbursement of Foundation Funds to the Public

The manner in which funds are disbursed to the public is as follows:

for an automobile: the foundation purchases the automobile and is named the principle owner. the borrower is named only as co-owner until payment is made in full

for housing: if below the poverty line in annual income, the borrower is placed on one of two lists for affordable housing. The A-list  is given priority that consists of vets and other first responder types, homeless, disabled, and old folks on fixed-incomes . The B-list consists of everybody below the poverty line in annual income. others above the poverty line that want a home are only eligible if they lack the necessary collateral for a bank loan, and ownership of all housing is not signed over until payment is made in full

for a business: everybody is eligible with the exception of somebody that has no college degree or vocational training that cannot at least say they have a lot of experience at something that a business can be built upon

for health clinics: only somebody that is both a licensed MD and Natureopathic Doctor (ND) are eligible

for Universities: only conservatively-minded patriots are eligible, and somebody that needs money for an education or to pay off student debt are eligible even if they have no collateral, and at no interest

missionary work: churches and other religious based groups are eligible whether in the U.S or other nations

All arrangements with borrowers are done by a legally binding contract, with no interest

The method of payment is as follows:

a monthly minimum payment is to be established for every borrower and based on the amount of in-pocket-money the individual has at the end of the month, after expenses, and as that number increases, so does the minimum. for example:

if the borrower has up to $1,000 dollars in pocket after their monthly expenses are paid, the minimum payment is calculated at 10% of the in-pocket amount

once it reaches $2,000 it is calculated at 50%

at $3,000 it  is calculated at 60%

at $4,000 it is calculated at 75%

at $5,000 it is calculated at 80%

at $10,000 it is calculated at 90%

at $20,000 it is calculated at 95%

and once it reaches 1 Million, it is calculated at 99.9%

The disbursement of funds and method of payment for a non-profit organization outlined above accomplishes several objectives:

First-it gets the homeless off the streets and into their own housing and poverty in rapid decline while generating economic growth in every state in America

Secondly-the method of payment creates a self-perpetuating non-profit organization by ensuring the capital put out to the public is rapidly returned, and

Third-leaves the borrower enough in-pocket money after payment to comfortably live on

A friendly word of caution to everybody committed to the idea of individual liberty and a free market economy-after more than a quarter-century of research and thought into the threat of communism, i have concluded the only chance we have to defeat its strategy, other than War, is to control cost in a more manageable way, and reduce poverty. Share the wealth, and you will be minimizing the chances of communism succeeding.

But some of you right now may be thinking - Tj why would i go forward with a plan of action that doesn’t have much potential for profit, and when i can just move my financial assets and family to some other nation in the event another anti-business administration rises to power like the previous administration? First of all, if done smartly the 4 step plan of action can be done profitably - but secondly, you can’t keep running. The communist-strategy is active on a global-scale, and that means if it succeeds your future descendants will eventually be found no matter where you go. Its not something you can keep ignoring and running from. You have to stand and fight back, and defeat the strategy of communism, because if America falls, so does the world. and the communists will drag your descendants out of their gated palaces and shoot them in the back of the head and take everything they have, like they did during the Revolution of Mao.

Party politics in Washington has become nauseatingly unacceptable. They ride around in limousines and yachts, living in mansions, with lifetime medical benefits that continue even after they’ve left government service, while most Americans struggle to survive in an increasingly, and obscenely expensive society, and while senior citizens on fixed-incomes are having to choose between food and medicine and forced to eat canned dog food to stay alive. It shouldn’t be like that, and the dissatisfaction toward the system will be the doom of individual liberty and free market economy.

Don’t misunderstand. I don’t resent the successful, and they have the right to live as lavishly as they want, but somebody has to act more decisively to control cost, reduce poverty, and give the rest of America a better chance at success, and both parties are failing to do that.

On The Question of Social Security

The Federal Gov’t has known for a long time Social Security is in trouble, dating back at least to The Clinton Administration and has done nothing but kick the can down the road, and that one of three things has to happen:  1)  raise taxes  2) cut benefits or 3) private-investment

Why is it so difficult for politicians in Washington to do the right thing and put more money in the pocket of Americans? I once worked with a guy who had a family member that grew a 401k  to approx. 2 million dollars and did it before retirement age. If done properly, allowing Americans to have more control over their money to invest is smart economic-policy. It actually has the potential to dramatically reduce poverty in America that would also result in a dramatic decrease in gov’t cost related to health care programs. .

As for the argument of critics that say it also has the potential to wipe out somebody’s retirement funds..if limitations are placed on the amount that can be invested at any given time, the account is never really at risk of being depleted, and there are multiple advantages:

1. generates economic-growth as a massive amount of capital is invested in the market on an on-going basis

2 more Americans begin to learn how to become smart investors early in life, that would result in a lot less poverty

3. a dramatic reduction in gov’t cost related to health-care programs as more Americans are able to provide for themselves, that would make massive revenue available that could be applied to the debt and infrastructure, and

4. maintains a system of low-taxation

If done properly, private-investment of Social Security Taxes would give every American that enters the workplace a guaranteed chance at success.

Here’s how it would work:

Once a Social Security Account reaches, say 2,000 dollars, the individual would then be allowed to invest it in the market. At that point the individual will have 2 accounts, a gov’t controlled account, and a private-portfolio.

Private-investment of Social Security has the potential to dramatically reduce poverty, and should have been done long ago. A majority of Americans, not just those below the poverty line, but a large swath of the middle class as well, cannot afford to give their children a college education, and are just one injury or illness away from financial ruin. And that means everybody born into that situation is almost certainly doomed to working a minimum wage job their entire lives, with nothing to show for it by retirement. 

Now my critics will argue its too risky, trying to scare everybody. They’ll argue because of the unpredictable nature of investment, some will end up not having the money they need to get through retirement, but what they won’t tell you is there are some kinds of investment that are practically guaranteed safe. If you put your money in the stock of a company, that’s a roll of the dice. You not only have to wait a decade or more and hope the value of the stock appreciates to a significant amount of profit, theres always the risk of the company failing because of mis-management and your stock becomes worthless. Those kinds of investments are higher risk. That doesn’t mean you shouldn’t consider  stock-investment, but  businesses that operate on a daily cash-flow basis, and property-rentals, are practically guaranteed safe. 

Personally, my own investment strategy would look something like this- initially i would invest $10k in the stock of 4- 5 different companies, not just one, that are considered to have  strong growth potential. Why that many? Investing in just one company is high risk, because it only takes one incompetent decision by management to cause the company to fail. The more companies you have stock in the better your chances one of them will go the long haul and increase to a significant amount of profit. But i wouldn’t do any more than 10k in stock. I wouldn’t draw out anymore from the social-security account. I would just let it increase all the way to the moment of price-reset, and right before the reset, liquidate the stock and draw out 100% of the account. I initially said a  90% draw, but any money you leave in the account is just giving it to the government, because from that point forward, your going to be making too much money to be eligible, so you might as well take it all.

At that point,  the money you will have from your stock investments, along with the social security account and other investments and savings you’ll be able to accomplish working at a ‘ profit share company ‘, will be enough capital to buy at least one cash-flow business of some kind, and a bunch of property rentals. And when i say property rentals, i don’t mean expensive homes, but the cheaper property rentals, like trailers that can be put into a park and rented out. Its one of the safest investments there is, and with the amount of money youll have at the moment of reset , you will be able to have numerous property-rentals, in addition to a cash-flow business of some kind. And your set for life, because even if your cash-flow business fails, the property-rentals are guaranteed income for the rest of your life.

But for those who don’t want to risk it,  you would have the option of opting out and continuing with the current system and collect your social-security at retirement.

If you want to break your back working until your 65 and collect a check barely enough to survive on, and stay dependent on the government for your health care needs, you would still have that option. But for those who want something more and be able to retire in your 40’s and enjoy the rest of your life and to put your children through college while being able to afford the best health care available, the private investment of your social-security taxes- is a smart path forward.

Don’t believe the nay sayers in politics and their news media crowd America, including some in Academia. Now that the attempt to indict me and shut down the debate has failed, they’ll have you believe i’m just an incompetent idiot that doesn’t know what he’s talking about.. but they’re wrong. The economic-policy outlined above is what the Nation trully needs to solve much of its problems, and is the result of decades of research, and thought. It would dramatically reduce poverty, that would translate into less gov’t cost, less crime in poor communities, and less elderly forced to spend the remaining years of their lives in nursing homes, instead of being financially able to take care of themselves.


On The Question of Taxes

As for the question of what taxes would look like-at the moment prices are slashed across the board, at that moment, the cost of gov’t also decreases by the same amount. Therefor, tax-rates would also be able to be considerably reduced. Exactly how low will be discussed at a later date after further research, but substantially lower than current rates.

On The Question of The Environment

There should be legislation that requires all new homes, commercial and governmental buildings to be built with clean,renewable sources of energy, as well as stricter emission standards in the automobile industry.

While i don’t buy into the climate-change hysteria and argument to eliminate all carbon-based technology, including the car, trucks, planes, and cheeseburgers, like some radical-politicians are now proposing, i don’t want to see the day when air-quality is so bad everybody has to wear a mask when in public the way it is in certain places around the world, and America is on track to that happening here due to population growth. Stand on any hill overlooking large metropolitan areas across the nation where the traffic is heavily congested, and at certain times of the day the smog is so thick you literally cannot see the buildings below it.

So i do think its the morally right thing to do, to move forward with legislation requiring all new commercial, governmental, and residential buildings, not pre-existing, be equipped with clean, renewable sources of energy, and the automobile industry required to meet established emission standards, and to transition to cleaner technology as quickly as possible to make certain we pass on clean, healthy air and water to future generations.

On The Question of Gov’t Cost and Debt

The National Debt is an unacceptable situation, now approaching 23 Trillion. That breaks down to about 178 thousand dollars per household, that will eventually have significant consequences that will effect all Americans. It is unconscionable to keep passing that situation on to future generations, but it’s not going to change until something is done to dramatically reduce gov’t cost.

But any discussion of lowering cost, must also include a discussion on education and health.

First-an education is essential to success in the kind of economy we have in America. Without an education, or trade, an individual is limited to working minimum wage jobs their entire life, with nothing to show for it at retirement, and dependent on the gov’t for their health-care needs during the remaining 2-3 decades of life, that increases gov’t cost. So more needs to be done to make an education possible, like increasing the amount of a Pell Grant, Journeyman Apprentice programs, and lending institutions that provide financial assistance for that purpose, that operate fundamentally different than banks, but i do not agree with Government having control of student loans, as it currently does. That is a socialistic-trend in government intitiated by the previous Administration that needs to be stopped, and Universities have taken advantage of it and increased the cost of a college education 5-6% over annual inflation rates, that has buried students in so much debt they will spend their entire lives paying it off. That’s not right.

Secondly-Every politician in Washington knows the largest percentage of The Federal Budget is entitlement programs, such as social security and health-care programs, and there are at least 8 things i believe if done will substantially lower gov’t cost and make massive revenue available that could be used for other things like the debt and infrastructure,etc:

1 the private investment of social security taxes that would dramatically reduce poverty and substantially lower gov’t cost related to health-care programs as more Americans become financially secure and able to provide for themselves

2 pure food laws that require the transition to organically-grown crops, and healthier processed food products

3 an FDA not in the pocket of business-interests and the approval of unorthodox medical treatments proven effective in other Nations, but ignored in Washington

4 promote a health-conscious lifestyle in grades k-12 in public schools

5 consolidation and elimination of unecessary gov’t agencies

6 elimination of lifetime medical benefits for gov’t officials

7 welfare reform to be limited, and conditioned based, and

8 the privatization of Corrections

The private-investment of social-security and change at the FDA would dramatically reduce welfare recipients and gov’t cost related to health-care programs, but if welfare is limited, and made conditioned based, would reduce it to a minimum.

It is imperative something be done to dramatically reduce cost, because I believe gov’t cost in conjuction with betrayal at the Nation’s Capitol, is partially why the gov’t is beginning to hide sources of revenue listed under the category ‘miscellaneous’ during the previous administration, but not identified, i.e., controlling business-interests?

If that’s the situation, its unconstitutional. The Government can regulate commerce, but not control it in the ownership sense. Thats the path of Communism. And if that’s the situation in Washington, and i suspect it is, the government has already become something it was never intended to be.. a quasi/socialist-government, and if something isn’t done to change course, it will just keep expanding and consuming more and more of the U.S economy, until someday a future generation will wake up to discover their inheritance has been replaced with a tyrannical-government. And even though the President has emphatically stated the U.S will never become a socialist country, he has inherited an extremely difficult situation, because the truth is, socialistic-trends in government exist. I’m not suggesting the President is a socialist, i don’t believe he is, but there are numerous examples of socialistic-trends in Government, and to recognize it, you need to reflect on what a socialist-government is and compare it with the actions of the Federal Government since its creation :

The literal definition of socialism is the ‘ intermediate stage to communism ‘, and communism, briefly stated, is absolute power and control.

So if communism is complete power and control,  and socialism the intermediate stage, then obviously, government expansion of its power and control, at any level, and in any form, is potentially a creeping socialistic/communist trend in government i would argue has continued unabated since the creation of the Federal Government. Does that mean all government expansion since its creation has been uneccessary? Of course not. Circumstances have changed since the creation of the Federal Government in 1787. For example-there are threats to our national security that didn’t exist then, and crime is rampant everywhere on the streets of America that makes certain government agencies necessary. That’s understandable, because its  necessary for national security and safe communities, and that should always be the criteria by which we judge any expansion of the government’s power and control-whether it is trully necessary. But the following examples are not:

1. control of Banking in areas like student loans ( Gov’t-controlled Banking is the 5th Plank of the Communist Manifesto  by Karl Marx, the main philosophical thinker/writer that defined communist-ideology

2 government funded sources of News ( In a Communist Nation, all News is Gov’t controlled )

3. ownership of public land- approx 640 million acres across 50 States, ranging from 30% to 88% ( In a Communist Nation, theres no private/ownership of land-Gov’t controls it)

4. hidden sources of Revenue ( In a Communist Nation, the Gov’t controls all means of production, i.e, all sources of Revenue ) and selling Government Bonds to the public, conducting itself more and more like a business for profit. That’s not what your Government was initially established to do by the Founders

The way the Federal Government has operated since its creation is actually consistent with how a socialist-government would operate when it doesn’t want the population to know it is transitioning. i.e, hidden sources of Revenue and gradual acquisition of public land, and when a government goes down that path, it has the power to take, and will continue to take, until someday a future generation will wake up to discover their inheritance has been replaced by a tyrannical government. Is that the kind of future you want to pass on to your descendants America? Not me.

Everybody needs to understand the next Presidential Election is critical, and for those still undecided, consider this: Now that you are aware of specific examples of how the Federal Gov’t has gradually been transitioning to a communist government, you need to ask yourself this question-has any establishment politician,Joe Biden included, ever once had the moral conviction and courage to defy it and do something to stop it during their political career? Has Barack Obama, Joe Biden, The Clintons or Elizabeth Warren, who all try to act like moderates, or the radical Bernie Sanders and Nancy Pelosi whose on tape talking about how the government ‘ can take an equity stake in the economy ‘... have any of them ever cared enough to warn Americans about the threat of the government transitioning to a communist government? From time to time they make it a point to distance themselves from being a socialist, but has any of them done anything to stop it? For example, has any of them ever advanced legislation that requires complete transparency related to the budget, instead of hidden sources of Revenue, or legislation that stops the Federal Government from the acquisition of public land, and forces it to be given back to the States it was taken from?  To my knowledge, not one of them has ever lifted a finger to stop it during their entire political career. Not worthy of public trust. 

The truth is- It has only been the Republican Conservatives in both the Congress and Senate, as well as the President, that has done anything to draw attention to the threat of socialist/politicians and their policies.

America- if you want a government that continues on the path to becoming communist at some future point, go ahead and keep voting for the career establishment politicians that are failing, and that’s what your descendants will eventually inherit. A communist government. But if you want conditions in America to improve in ways that will make you and your descendants safer and more prosperous, you need to abandon the establishment politicians who are broken and corrupt, some traitorously corrupt, and keep supporting outsider candidates that have the moral conviction and courage to stand and say...a communist government? Not on my watch.

There’s a more compassionate, and wiser path:

The Government of the State of Nebraska is proof positive a gov’t can reverse the trajectory of cost and debt, and create a surplus, but to accomplish that will require gov’t cost to be dramatically reduced. The combined effect of

1.price-control on a cyclical-basis that prevents cost from reaching obscenely expensive levels

2.  private-investment of social-security taxes

3) FDA approval of unorthodox medical treatments

4) pure food laws

5) welfare and corrections reform

6) the elimination of lifetime medical benefits of gov’t officials, and

7) consolidation and elimination of unecessary gov’t agencies

and we should begin to see a massive reduction in gov’t cost going forward that would make revenue available for other things while maintaining low taxation.

Learn more about how ‘ cost ‘  is impacting the lives of Americans, below:

Learn more about how ‘ open borders ‘ is impacting the safety and lives of Americans,

learn more here


Learn more about poverty and homelessness increasing in America, below:

The truth is Washington elites don’t like to admit homelessness and poverty in America is increasing every year, partly due to massive quantities of drugs being smuggled across the Border, but also due in part to ‘ cost ‘.

What we learned from the video content above is that while there are multiple causes that contribute to homelessness, including drug addiction and mental illness, it is also increasing because of ‘ rising housing cost ‘ that validates the argument i’ve put forth in the Platform of Change above related to the need to control cost. It confirms there is a direct correlation between cost and homelessness in America.

But in addition to housing-costs increasing homelessness, approximately half of a million Americans are forced into backruptcy every year due to medical costs, that adds to poverty. And those are mostly middle-to-upper-middle-class families.

Learn more about what you can do to make yourself and family healthier,

Learn More Here

And here

And here:

And here

And here

( Disclaimer: The Candidate for President-Timothy J Osborne is not a licensed medical expert, and hereby states that by posting the video content and links above related to matters of health and the various treatments and supplements promoted by the Doctors involved, that i am not giving a testimonial endorsement of the effectiveness of said products being promoted. However, after conducting enough reasearch to recognize how revolutionary the knowledge being presented is, i have decided to personally try the different treatments and supplements myself, and commenting on the effectiveness at a later date. I further hereby state i have not been provided any financial compensation to do so, nor would i accept it)

On The Question of Gov’t Abuse of Power and Reform

In 2008, I drafted a letter to various Democrat-controlled Committees in an effort to convince them the Candidate Barack Obama was too much of a risk to be Commander in Chief, and almost immediately following his inauguration, State Dept. emails began to reflect the beginning stages of political-sabotage and sytemic scheme amounting to a criminal-conspiracy at the highest levels of the gov’t to fabricate evidence of a criminal-nature against me for the purpose of containment behind walls,i.e, prison. The email communication in question states in part..

“ As i think about Kennan’s containment doctrine a little further-in some ways it can be reapplied to extremism, meaning that our goal should be to contain not communism this time, but extremist-ideology wherever it exists, and just as Kennan supported, development is one of the ways to build ‘walls of containment around a dangerous ideology’. “

The above communication is part of The Clinton Email Archive (Doc #15179) published by  and reflects the beginning stages of a systemic-scheme by previous administration officials to ‘ frame ‘ me by the development of extremist alliances. And the first indication that points to my identity as the targeted object of political-oppression is reflected in another State Dept email, which states..

“ Since you are thinking-here is what we will be pondering on our 8:30pm call-these were quick thoughts to ‘ frame tje issues ‘-read from bottom up “ ( Clinton Email Archive/Doc# 29097) Subject Line: Out of the Box Thinking on Elections/Dated 1.16.2011 at

The emails above were circulated among gov’t officials at the highest levels of the Obama Administration and classified Confidential, and notice only part of those two communications were declassified as a result of a Freedom of Information Act Court filing. The rest remain classified and I believe the letters ‘ tje ‘ represent the intitials of my first and middle names(Timothy Joe) while the letter ‘ e ‘ symbolizes  the word election, or execution, i.e, the email is refering to tj-election issues/and or execution, and is directly connected to the word ‘ frame ‘.

The frame/linkage to anti-American militant/extremists appears to have been done by means of ‘ hacking-activity ‘ by co-conspirators creating ‘ executable documents ‘ that include coded-communications and the ‘ implanting of evidence ‘ into my emails that consists of a series of letters and numbers that are also linked to militant-extremist groups around the world, subsequently leaked and published by Wikileaks, and can be viewed by utilizing the Advanced Search Page for the following ‘terms’  at the Archives listed below at

The HackingTeam Archive Search Results

nbsp   236,137
nbsp 911    894
al qaeda nbsp   308
911 Monster   27
tj=nbsp   530
C2=AO   18
O=C2=AO   16
tj=C2=AO   9
tjo=C2=AO   5
executable   1,831
the executable   1,000
tj   601
tje   14
tjo   5
infection activities=853
Ticket ID: TJE=4
Ticket ID: nbsp=5,888
tje infection=1

The Global Intelligence Files(Stratfor)

nbsp   1,536
nbsp 911   6
al qaeda nbsp   44
911 Monster   16
tj=nbsp   13
C2=AO   6,172
O=C2=AO   591
tj=C2=AO   94
tj   8,984
tje   287
tjo  2
executable documents   37
the executable   176
tj executable   12
infection activities=371
Ticket ID: TJ=85
Ticket ID: TimO=7
target=tj  271
target=tje  15
target=TimO  50

In June-2018, The Inspector General released an approximate 600 pg. Report of its findings related to the Clinton email investigation and mishandling of classified material at the State Department. Page 122 of that report makes mention of the ‘ost files ‘ being a point of interest in the investigation. I believe the ost-files is a reference to The Osborne Quarterly Newsletter i was authoring during the Obama/Biden administration. But what the public was not told is the original IG-Report released in June-2018 was over 1 million pages, most of which remain classified to this day. Only about 600 pgs of that report were made public, and contained none of the exculpatory evidence found at wikileaks in the search results shown above.

It is the worse example of abuse of power and cover-up in our Nation’s history.
( Law Firm Wanted)

And a friendly word of advice to everybody that has been falsely linked to the ‘ nbsp  fabrication ‘ that includes conservative sources of news, tea party groups and  businesses in America, and around the world-until there has been an official exoneration by the U.S Dept. of Justice, that has been in coverup mode since the Obama Administration, everybody is still at risk of prosecution and your financial assets frozen and confiscated at some future point, once there is another radical Administration in DC. There needs to be a massive lawsuit and push to Discovery to compel exculpatory evidence, at which point the DOJ is forced to exonerate. Only then are you safe from future prosecution.

In July-2019, i filed a formal criminal complaint with the FBI’s Cyber Division, alleging Acts of Criminal Conspiracy of gov’t officials i now believe includes certain geopolitical intelligence company employees acting as co-conspirators in a Conspiracy to Committ Murder by means of the fabrication of executable documents that includes coded-commmunications that falsely link me to militant/extremist groups around the world that have been responsible for mass murder, including attacks against the U.S.

As of this moment, nobody from the FBI has contacted me, but as my research into the leaked communications published by wikileaks has continued, i have been continuously updating both AG William Barr, as well as U.S Attorney John Durham, to keep them informed of the exculpatory evidence found at the wikileaks site. And it has recently come to my attention mail addressed to me is not being delivered.

And there should also be an investigation into the disgusting illegal-harvesting of unborn children and out of control child trafficking. Learn more below:

Learn more here:
and here

The actions of previous administrations demonstrate tyranny in government is something every generation needs to be on guard against, and not just in politics, There is quite a bit of evidence now being revealed in Washington that indicates different agencies of the Federal Government were weaponized by the previous Administration against their political opponents, including the IRS, and i suspect intelligence agencies, and that the leadership at both the Department of Justice, as well as the FBI during the previous administration were corrupt puppets of the political leadership, who took a dive in the Clinton email investigation and mishandling of classified material, and why reform is needed.

There needs to be more separation of powers between the Executive, and the DOJ and FBI-
The Attorney General of The Department of Justice, along with the Director of the FBI, should not have to operate under the threat of removal by a President.

To avoid having critically important  institutions responsible for defending Constiutitonal Rights, Equal Application of the Law, and the proper investigation and prosecution of crime from becoming politicized, once appointed and confirmed, both positions should be tenure for the duration of that administration

Further- there needs to be judicial and prosecutorial reform:

 There is increasing evidence of judicial political-activism and corruption, as well as prosecutorial, and its partially because they have ‘ absolute immunity ‘ and tenure-for-life. That’s like giving somebody a license to commit murder and telling them they never have to worry about being held accountable, or fired, and as a result, radical judicial-activism, and prosecutorial-tyranny, is on the rise in America.

It shouldn’t be so difficult to remove a corrupt Judge and Prosecutor.

But its also because alot of money is being poured into prosecutorial races at the local and State level by wealthy individuals who have a history of financing radical anti-American causes, who are backing the elections of prosecutors that are such radicals they will not even prosecute criminals.
Listen below

Learn more about the 911 attacks and betrayal at the highest levels of the Federal Government, below:

Learn more here

and here


And here:

As the video content above confirms, what the Government said happened on 911 was a lie. The evidence uncovered by independent investigations since then clearly indicates some in government were complicit, and did everything they could to derail and control the outcome of the investigation.

After the 911 attacks, The Patriot Act was passed in October-2011 to deter and detect terrorism, by providing Law Enforcement the necessary tools it needed to protect National Security and keep Americans safe, It was modified in 2015, said to help ensure the Constitutional Rights of Americans, but some provisions of the law remain controversial to this day.

In 2015, a U.S Appeals Court found section 215 of the Act could not be used to validate the bulk collection of Americans phone records, and in June of that year, former President Barack Obama signed into law The USA Freedom Act, ending the bulk collection of all records under section 215. But as the video content below reveals, whistle blower Dennis Montgomery, CIA, NSA contractor and Software Designer, confirms that is exactly what was happening within intelligence-agencies of the previous Administration. The evidence turned over by Montgomery,consisting of about 47 hard-drives of information, included an approx 900 million phone records, as well as email passwords and bank account information of Americans illegally collected and stored. Montgomery claimed CIA DirectorJohn Brennan and Director of National Intelligence-Jame Clapper, had turned the surveillance system he designed for the Government, that was only intended to be used for foreign-surveillance, against Americans, collecting massive amounts of personal data for the purpose of ‘ leverage and control ‘ of Americans, while according to former CIA operative Michael Scheuer, John Brennan was also costing Americans their lives by ‘ protecting al-qaeda ‘. Listen below:

There is also evidence provided by two other whistle-blowers
that came forward after the time of Edward Snowden with information that coorborates what he said was happening during the previous Administration, that incriminates former CIA Director-John Brennan and the Obama/Biden Administration in illegal-activity, that includes the blackmailing of Politicians across party lines, which would explain the now ongoing  Republican defections to the Democrats, as well as the murder of Seth Rich and another individual involved in a lawsuit against the DNC. Listen here

Learn about evidence provided to the Dept. of Justice and FBI by whistle-blower Dennis Montgomery of illegal-surveillance and blackmail of Americans, inluding Politicians, Supreme Court Justices, and Business Leaders, by corrupt government officials at the highest levels of the Federal Government during previous Administrations, below:

What we’ve learned is that illegal-surveillance by intel agencies has been gathering personal information of Americans and using it for purposes of leverage and control, including Politicians, Business Leaders, and even Supreme Court Justices. Might that explain the behavior of Chief Justice John Roberts, who most conservatives believe has been compromised in some way? Well according to the high profile Attorney L Lin Wood, John Roberts, among others, had ties to convicted pedophilia-Jeffrey Epstein. Read here

and here

If Lin Wood has credible evidence to back up his claims, it should be provided to the Judiciary Committee in the Senate, who should either send a formal letter to the DOJ requesting an investigation, or initiate an investigation itself, and if confirmed, impeachment proceedings to remove John Roberts from the bench should immediately proceed.

Situation Update: Lin Wood has now went public claiming to be in possession of credible evidence of intelligence agencies framing public officials for leverage and control by forcing them at gunpoint to rape and murder a child, while being filmed, and now offering to provide the evidence to the Trump Administration. See here

And what we’ve also learned above  is Lt.Col Tony Schaffer confirms
intelligence agencies of previous administrations have the ability to, and do, turn all electronic devices, including Tv’s, into a device that allows them to spy on Americans in your own homes. Learn more about it from whistle blower Edward Snowden, below:

In September of this year-2020, the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals ruled the actions
of Obama/Biden Administration officials as it relates to the claims of Edward Snowden, were in fact illegal. Watch below:

As the video content above confirms, the evidence provided by Dennis Montgomery was given to both the FBI and DOJ during the Obama Administration, but still no indictments? Why?

What we’ve learned from whistle blowers Bill Benny, Kirk Wiebe,Thomas Drake, Edward Snowden, and Dennis Montgomery, is there has been an unprecedented amount of unconstitutionally-illegal behavior and corruption at the highest levels of the Federal Government for decades,spanning numerous administrations,that amounts to a betrayal of the American people and fundamental ideals the Nation stood for, illegally spying on Americans without probable cause and warrant, collecting personal information, including email and banking, for purposes of blackmail, leverage,and control.

And what it also establishes is the Obama/Biden Administration knew it was being done dating back to the time of Edward Snowden, and again after Dennis Montgomery filed about 30 whistle blower complaints, but was ingnored. Then President Barack Obama failed to do anything to stop it, and if then Vice President Biden had trully been a man of moral conviction and strength, he would have resigned in protest to blow the whistle himself, but he did not. Instead, he chose to sacrifice the 4th Amendment Rights of all Americans for the sake of his political career so he could continue to enrich his family members by getting them appointed to the boards of companies in fields they lack any experience in whatsoever, including positioning his son Hunter Biden and the Equity Firm he was with brokering a 1.5 Billion dollar deal from a ‘ Communist Bank ‘ Thats who Joe Biden is-a weak, broken, corrupt politician and the epitamy of the DC establishment.

And if women voters in particular think he’s a champion of privacy rights, don’t count on it:

One of the things revealed in interviews with Edward Snowden that was being done at different gov’t agencies was the downloading of personal photos, including nude photographs, and probably personal videos, from email accounts and cell phones, and spying on everybody in your homes, and bedrooms, and passing the photos around to co-workers. But Obama and Biden did nothing to stop it, even though they knew about it.

Now that there has been a ruling by a Federal Court of Appeals that the actions of previous Administration officials were in fact illegal, maybe now there will be some accountability?

The truth is America-The Government at the Nation’s Capitol has become increasingly corrupt for many decades, some traitorously corrupt.

The evidence uncovered by independent investigations strongly indicates some in government itself were complicit in the 911 attacks and then attempted to scapegoat others for it by falsely linking innocent Americans, myself included, to al-qaeda, and used the 911 attacks to launch mass surveillance that was then turned into illegal spying on Americans, and the Obama/Biden era was one of the worst in the Nation’s history, who put corrupt establishment politicians, some traitorously corrupt, in positions of authority, who were fabricating evidence of a criminal nature against me and others, while turning a blind eye to illegal-spying and blackmail of Americans, and the mishandling of classified material to the enemies of the Nation, believed to have caused U.S operatives behind enemy lines to be murdered. That’s who Joe Biden is, and he didn’t have the moral conviction and guts to do something to stop it. Not deserving of public trust.

 Am i being unfair to characterize the Obama/Biden Administration as ‘ traitorously corrupt ‘? I don’t think i am when you consider the distinction between a politician that is merely ‘ corrupt ‘ as opposed to ‘ traitorously corrupt ‘:

For example-a politician that does things like accepting gratuities in exchange for political- favors, or steers government contracts to their home districts, family and friends, or mismanages tax payers money in a way that is unethical, are examples of a ‘ corrupt politician ‘, but it doesn’t rise to the level of being ‘ traitorously corrupt ‘. But when a politician becomes aware of ‘ mishandling of classified material ‘ and ‘ illegal-spying on Americans ‘ for purposes of leverage and control, and does nothing to stop it, and enriching family members profiting from business deals with ‘ communist enemies ‘ of America that murdered alot of U.S intelligence operatives behind enemy lines while Joe Biden was Vice President, while allowing the Federal Government to transition to Communism-thats ‘ traitorously corrupt ‘, giving aid and comfort to enemies of the Nation.

Now it may be he was compromised at some point in his 4 decades in politics in a way talked about by certain whistle-blowers, how politicians themselves are being targeted and framed for leverage and control, but even if thats true, as sad as it is, somebody thats been compromised in that way is a high risk Candidate, because it means they will continue to be a puppet for communism. They will do as they’re told, and I believe Joe Biden is in the category of either being too weak to defy enemies of the Nation, or a compromised, controlled politician.

In addition to them allowing the government to gradually transition to a communist government, they turned a blind eye to the illegal spying on Americans for blackmail,leverage and control, and did nothing to stop it, as well as evidence they knew of the mishandling of classified material at the State Dept. Listen below:

The evidence clearly establishes the Obama/Biden Administration knew there was illegal-spying on Americans for purposes of leverage and control, as well as the on-going mishandling of classified material at the State Dept but did nothing to stop it, and lied to the press about when they knew.

In addition to that, it was Joe Biden that was put in charge of what really turned out to be nothing but a PR stunt by the Obama Administration to create the appeance of being tough on the Communist Chinese Party, but instead practically gave away the South China Sea and walked away from all the ‘ cyber intrusion ‘ while cutting a terrible deal with Iran that partnered with the Communist Chinese Party, while enriching his family members even as American jobs were being shipped overseas. Listen to somebody that has experience in recognizing ‘ patterns of corruption ‘, below

Learn more about evidence of corruption connected to Joe Biden by reading the book
‘ Profiles in Corruption ‘ by Peter Schweizer

Learn more about how the Firm of Joe Biden’s son Hunter Biden was involved in Business Investments that benefits ‘ communist military’s ‘ here

Learn more about how Joe Biden lied about having no knowledge of his son’s business dealings. Watch below:

Learn more about a $30 Million Dollar deal Hunter Biden had with ‘ Communists ‘ and  giving  ‘ pop ‘ Joe Biden half the money here

Learn more here

And here:

Traitorously corrupt, weak politicians, and kamala Harris, also a corrupt, career establishment politician, who will say and do anything to prop them up to advance herself. including recently trying to distance herself from being a ‘ socialist ‘ when she was actually raised by a father that was considered a radical ‘  marxist/communist professor ‘ leading students astray from classical economics, written about by The Stanford Student Newspaper in 1976.

I hate to lower myself to the cut-throat tactics of the political establishment during political campaigns by questioning the childhood upbringing of a political candidate, something that  is beyond the control of any person, but its too serious not to expose who they are- is America to believe Kamala Harris wasn’t influenced in her thinking by her father? I simply can’t believe she wasn’t, and probably one of the reasons she was chosen, and why she would ally herself with a Political Party that has become the puppets of Communism. Read about it here:

Learn more about Biden’s choice below

Read more hear:

Another important point of difference between the Candidate Donald Trump and Joe Biden is on the issue of ‘ stacking the court ‘.  Biden and Kamala Harris both have dodged the question, being evasive. Learn more about it from some of the most experienced, and factual, investigative news reporters in the business, and why the upcoming Presidential Election is criticial. Listen below:

And the Biden campaign is lying about not raising everybody’s taxes, saying he will only raise taxes on those making more than $400k a year when the truth is his tax plan effects all Americans with children, because it eliminates the deduction the Trump Administration doubled from $6,000 to $12,000 per child. And that means it takes money from the poor as well,  because some of them have to file for taxes if earning more than $10,000 a year, even though they may still be below the poverty line. You’d think after 47 years in politics Joe Biden would have become a smart enough politician to not make the mistake of taking money from the poor while trying to convince everybody he’s only taking it from the rich. But apparently not. Talk about kicking somebody when they’re down. At a time when alot of single mothers and families are struggling to keep food on the table during a National crisis, Biden intends to take money from the poor.  

To raise taxes during a National Emergency when the economy is struggling to put Americans back to work and businesses failing across the nation, is not wise leadership. Not only is Joe Biden a National Security risk, his policy positions related to taxes and the economy- is an incompetent wreck.
Learn more about the long range effects of Biden’s Tax Plan in a study by The Hoover Institute here

And flip/flop lies about not intending to eliminate the oil and gas industry that would mean the loss of more than 10 million jobs, and cripple our military national defense, at a time when America is now energy independent for the first time in 75 years. Watch below:

I’m not telling Americans who to vote for, i’m giving you my opinion based on the reseach i’ve done so you can make intelligently-informed decisions.  In my opinion on the question of National Security, Economics, Foreign Policy and Trade, Second Amendment Rights, Liberty, Religious Freedom and Pro-Life, Judicial Appointments, Law and Order and Corruption, Donald Trump is the stronger, safer, better choice. 

And nothing illustrates that more than what the current President recently did when he announced the formation of a commission to investigate children in public schools being indoctrinated with Marxist/ideology designed to undermine and falsely redefine American history that has, and would continue to, have disastrous consequences for the future of the Nation. The Obama/Biden Administration allowed it to continue. Read about it here

Learn more about the threat of marxism and what it is by reading Mark Levin’s new book entitled..’ American Marxism ‘ available at amazon or at his website at

and Dr. Sebastian Gorka’s book entitled  ‘Why we Fight ‘ available at

And finally-under the leadership of the Trump Administration, and in spite of everything that’s been done in Democrat-controlled areas to slow walk economic-recovery after the lock downs,  3rd quarter GDP growth was an amazing 7.4%, that equates to an annual rate of 34%.  I don’t believe that would have happened under a Biden/Harris Administration. I think we would have an economic-recession at this moment on the level of the Great Depression. Watch below:

Read about it here

and here

and here

Learn more about what Trump critics don’t want voters to know, below

Learn more about how radically anti-American the Democratic Party is becoming across the Nation, that actually nominated one of the ‘ marxist/ BLM protesters ‘ shown in the video below just weeks after participating in an armed break-in of a gated-community, pointing guns and shouting death threats at residents. Listen below:

Now you may recall the news media described what happened above as ‘ pointing guns at ‘ peaceful protesters ‘, but fail to point out they broke into a gated-community and were armed with guns themselves, and were actually pointing them at the McClosky’s while shouting death threats, as seen in the video below:

The video content above confirms two things: 1) the Democratic Party has
become so radicalized it is nominating admitted ‘ marxist-closet/communist radicals ‘ to
positions of power, and 2) news -media organizations are failing to accurately report the facts in the way they describe the protesters, describing them as ‘ peacfeful ‘, instead of an armed criminal/mob pointing weapons at law-abiding citizens while verbally threatening to murder them after illegally-trespassing by breaking into a gated-community.

Clearly-The Democratic Party needs to be abandoned-stop and think for a moment America:  The kinds of protests we’ve witnessed across the Nation over the past several months with cities being burnt to the ground, and mobs of armed/radicals coming out into suburban neighborhoods, kicking in doors, raping. looting and killing, will continue to happen. Do you really want a Party in control when that happens that has become so radicalized an armed criminal/mob is protected, while law-abiding citizens in fear of their lives are prosecuted like the McClosky’s? That’s what will happen if you continue to put Democrat-radicals in power.

It needs to be abandoned, and not just the Party, but its fake-news organizations that fail to accurately report the facts when America is under siege by marxist/communist shock troops. And i couldn’t help but notice for about the first 90 days of the protests, even while there was ongoing rioting, looting, and burning, the Democrats were silent, and only began to denounce it after the polling data began to reflect public approval turning against it. Typical  corrupt politicians.

Learn more about how corrupt the Democrat Party was during the Obama/Biden era reflected in recent declassified documents including the notes of Former CIA Director John Brennan that reveals evidence the entire Russia/Trump Collusion investigation that went on non-stop by fake news for more than 3 years was entirely concocted by the Clinton Campaign. Listen below:

Learn more about how the Democrat Party have, and are, manipulating  ‘ voter machines ‘ to their benefit to steal elections utilizing technology created by the CIA in a program called ‘ operation scorecard ‘ in an interview with General Tom McInerny here

Watch below:

See a list of radical Congressional Democrats with ties to ‘ communism ‘ and its front groups who need to be voted out here

Situation Update: Another name now needs to be added to the list of Democrats with ties to communism. Congressman Eric Swallwell, who sits on the Intelligence Committee and has access to ‘ classified material ‘ has now been accused of having a communist spy in his Campaign. Read here

An example of just how radically-insane some Democrats have become is revealed in an undercover investigation by Project Veritas. Watch below:

Those who are still skeptical about what the Democrat Party has become should know a phone conversation of top level Democrats in Congress was recently leaked that reveals they do in fact intend to move forward with a ‘ socialist agenda ‘while pretending not to. Read about it here:

Please help Constitutional Conservatives stay the majority in both the Congress and Senate by donating to:

or here

or here


America- when an Administration has knowledge that Americans are being illegally spied on for purposes of leverage and control, and classified material being mishandled to enemies of the Nation, as the Obama/Biden administration did, and does nothing to stop it-that’s traitorously corrupt!  And when the Gov’t can illegally spy on you to collect your personal information for purposes of leverage, and there’s no accountability 5 yrs after the FBI and DOJ came into possession of that evidence..the Nation has a problem. You’ve lost your Liberty! When corrupt government bureaucrats disregard Americans 4th Amendment Rights and illegally collect your personal information and use it to leverage control over you, and the Nation’s top law enforcement institutions fail to stop them and hold them accountable, you are not trully free. You have lost your liberty, and when you have no liberty, you are not trully free, and everybody is at risk. And when there’s no accountablity, it just gets worse.

What is happening with regard to the mergence between Government and Corporate Charters is something many early prominent American leaders, including Presidents, were very concerned about, who considered it to be one of the greatest threats to liberty, and since there has been no accountability 7 years after Edward Snowden and 5 yrs after Dennis Montgomery blew the whistle, we can only assume the corruption and illegal-spying on Americans is continuing at the highest levels of the Government. Learn more below:

Learn more about the Sharyl Attkisson case of illegal-spying by Government officials of
the previous Administration here:

And here


Learn more about the latest evidence of corruption connected to Joe Biden and his son-Hunter Biden below:

Learn more from a former business associate of the Biden’s, Tony Bobulinsky, who has coorborated Joe Biden’s knowledge and involvement in business dealings with communists and turned over the evidence to the FBI. Watch below:


Learn more about the evidence discovered on the hard-drive of Hunter Biden’s laptop 

Another email found on Hunter Biden’s laptop further indicates ‘ inclusive voter fraud ‘ Joe Biden was aware of his family’s business dealings with communists. Read about it here

Learn more about how fake-news calling the incriminating evidence of the Biden’s corruption nothing but’ Russian disinformation ‘ is designed to shift public opinion from the truth here

Learn more about other examples of infringment of liberty now
spreading across America in the name of public safety and health, and about
how the number of deaths attributed to the virus outbreak is being faked, below:

According to the latest data, up to 90% of people that initially tested positive for Covid-19 should actually have been classified ‘ negative ‘ due to almost  ‘ non-existent contagion level ‘. Listen below:

Read more about it here

And here

and here

The latest data refered to in the articles above indicate government imposed overly-restrictive and unecessary quarantine measures from the beginning of the communist/covid infection. So American businesses need to start being more defiant of the government, who are weaponizing it for political objectives. Take notice State Governments are not prohibiting large gatherings when it comes to ‘ political rallies ‘, only ‘ recreational in nature ‘. Wake up America-it’s a test run for infringement of freedom, but might be for a more nefarious reason. read about it here

Learn about how Covid19 death tolls are being deliberately inflated by States, such as the State of Washington, even after being caught once before, to keep the public scared enough to accept the abuse of power that has bankrupted thousands of businesses. Read here

The abuse of power is also occuring in the State of Oregon, where the Governor is discriminating against certain types of businesses such as Restaurants, Gymnasiums and Bars, that cannot be rationalized, while allowing other businesses to be open to the public.

Situation Update: The Governor of Oregon has lifted restrictions on Restaurants, Gyms and Bars.

And the unemployment-rate is once again in decline after topping out at around 17%, now down to about 8.4 % nationally because of the decisive actions of the current Administration, and in spite of Democrat-controlled areas keeping their Economies on lockdown that is continuing to destroy businesses across America, even in areas where the infection rate is so low it is practically non-existent.

Americans need to be pro-active in the pushback/uprising to open the Nation.  Everybody needs to realize we are in an up-hill struggle to save the Nation that is being sabotaged from within. You need to press on, or radicals in politics will continue to abuse their authority and take your liberty. Learn what you can do and who you can coordinate with in your State here

Some good news-There has recently been a ruling by a Federal District Court in Pennsylvania that has ruled the Government’s powers are not unlimited, even during emergencies. Watch below:

Latest update: Anti mandatory vaccination protests are beginning to errupt at Capitals around the world-read about it here

And here

Situation update: Learn more about what your not being told by the msn related
to covid-19 studies below:

Situation Update: Its been reported vaccines are now beginning to be made available to the public, but i give parents a friendly word of caution-some of the Pharma Companies that created them have been infiltrated by ‘ communist party members ‘, including Pfizer and Astrazeneca. Read about it here

Before giving any vaccine to your child, parents might want to research possible side-effects, including ‘ infertility ‘.  Read about it here 

and here

Situation Update: Evidence the covid-19 virus was a bio-weapon created by communists in the Wuhan Lab, and that Dr. Fauci, the CDC and NIH were providing funding to that lab, and is now being accused of a cover-up after predicting an infectuous outbreak occurring during the Trump Administration in 2017. read here

and here

and here

Situation Update: the press is starting to say the pandemic is over. read here

Situation Update: Facebook whistle-blowers confirm censorship of content that expresses ‘ vaccine hesitancy ‘ here

Situation Update: somebody forced to be vaccinated by their employer that experiences side-effects has legal standing for a lawsuit. read here

Situation Update: World renowned Dr. Peter McCullough/M.D says the vaccines are not safe and are being used for ulterior motives. listen here

Situation Update: British/Norwegian Report claims proof Covid-19 virus was bioengineered in the lab by Communist China here

On The Question of Fake News and FCC Reform

For too long now News organizations across America continue to report ‘ fake news ‘. Truth and facts don’t seem to matter anymore, at least not to some, and just as corruption thrives when there is no accountability,without an informed electorate, voters are unable to make intelligently/informed decisions that has disastrous consequences. And the only way that will change is if there is reform at the Federal Communications Commission (FCC). There needs to be stricter guidelines, and the penalty for reporting fake-news so costly they will regulate their behavior. It has deteriated so much many news organizations are right now even failing to properly characterize and expose the fact communistic militant/extremist groups, like Antifa and Black Lives Matter, a Global Network of admitted ‘ marxists ‘ against ‘ capitalism ‘  and who supports the ‘ transgender idea ‘ and  ‘ transformation of the world ‘, along with a ‘ police free world ‘, an unsustainable idea of society, have infiltrated the ongoing protests to create unstable conditions to collapse the economy and why American cities are now being destroyed by a communist-controlled underground movement.

Don’t misunderstand-what the families of those who die have to live through because of excessive force by police officers is tragic. Excessive, uneccessary force should not be condoned in Law Enforcement, and when it happens, there should be accountability.  But the ideas of ‘ marxism ‘ and the ‘ defunding of police ‘ and a ‘ police free world ‘ is insanity. It is not a workable, sustainable or happy idea of society, and The Black Lives Matter movement has caused cops that had nothing to do with what happened to be murdered, and heard to shout ‘ we hope you die ‘ after two cops were shot in LA. Watch below:

Recently,former Military, such as Colin Powell and others, have publicly criticized the President over the question of the use of The Military to control protesters, accusing him of overreaching his authority,etc. But they fail to give a complete, factual assessment of the situation on the ground in their interviews with the media. Read about what they’re failing to say here

What is happening across America in approx 40 States amounts to a revolutionary- insurrection. It has morphed into something beyond peaceful protests due to the infiltration of closet-communist militant/extremist groups mostly responsible for the looting, burning and killing, and is organized internationally. Under most circumstances, it is the responsibility of Law Enforcement to maintain order during lawful protests, not the Military, but when you have politicians at the State and Local levels ‘ retreating ‘ and abadoning police departments and failing to activate their own National Guard, either because they’re too weak, corrupt and  radicalized, who refuse to contain the situation and instead allow it to spread causing economic instability in an attempt to collapse it,The President can, and should, invoke The Insurrection Act and use whatever means neccessary to control the situation- but only in areas where there exists a failure of leasership at the State and Local level, and only for as long as needed. Antifa and Black Lives Matter terrorists are reported to be litterally kicking in doors of homes in Seattle, going from house to house, raping and looting, while authorities do nothing. It has to be stopped.

 Learn more below:

As of this moment the situation in most areas across the Nation
have been stablized thanks to the decisive actions taken by the current Administration.
But there continues to be destabilization in areas like Portland where Democratic leadership have been failing to get it under control and have actually been seen participating and encouraging admitted marxist/communist groups like BLM and Antifa.

And for those in Black communities who are not sure about whether the Black Lives Matter (BLM) organization is worthy of your support, consider what a former BLM activist has to say about it here

And i’d just like to point out to voters still on the fence about who to support in elections going forward- have you heard any of the Democrats denounce  the rioting, looting and killing, and cities across America being burnt to the ground? They were practically silent about it for about the first 100 days, and only started denouncing it after polling data started indicating public opinion was turning against the protests. Do you really want them to be in charge when the riots break out again across America? And it will happen again. You need pro-American, pro-law enforcement in charge, and it’s not the Democrats. And that’s why Biden couldn’t name a single pro-law enforcement group that has endorsed his Campaign in the first debate.

A word of Caution:  A peaceful protester in Portland has been reported shot and killed by the marxist/radicals. He was reported to have been wearing a hat with the insignia ‘ Patriot Prayer ‘ on it. To his family- i’m sorry for your loss. And it should be a wakeup call to all protesters- You cannot rely on the government to protect you, especially in Democrat-controlled areas. It is failing leadership. You have to provide for your own self-defense.

Learn more about corruption, bias, fake news and failure of American News Organization and Film Industry, below

Learn more about how news media organizations report fake-news here

Learn more about ‘ voter fraud ‘ in elections, including how Democrats are attempting to steal the on-going Presidential Election, and the failure of news organizations to report on it accurately, below:

Learn about how the Democrat Party filed hundreds of lawsuits prior to the election to make changes that make ‘ voter fraud ‘ easier to accomplish, and why reform is needed. Listen below:

Learn more about how the Democrat Party have colluded with the CIA to manipulate voter machines utilizing ‘ software ‘ created by CIA contractor and whistle blower Dennis Montgomery ‘. Learn about it in an interview with General Tom McInerny here

and below:

and about how so-called ‘ glitches  in the  software ‘  used in the tabulating-machines in 47 different counties in Michigan caused a mass number of votes meant for Trump- to be counted for Biden-below:

Learn more about the ‘ voting machines ‘ here

Learn more about how the voting machines used in the 2020 Presidential Election can create ‘ fake ballots ‘ here

Learn more about how a pattern is beginning to emerge related to the so-called ‘ glitches ‘ in conncection with voter machines that in every instance was to the benefit of Biden, below

The Secretary of the State of Texas conducted a full scale investigation a year ago into the reliability of the software used in the voting machines in Michigan, and determined ‘certification ‘ should be denied at every level. That same software continues to be used in voting machines in 28 different States, including States where substantial voter-fraud occured in the current Presidential Election- to the advantage of Biden.

Since then  ‘ glitches ‘ have been discovered in Wisconsin, Pennsylvania and Georgia-
Read about it here

Learn about a study that reveals  ‘ impossible anomalies ‘ occured in Michigan causing Biden to rack up 140,000 votes in just 5 seconds. Read about it here

and here

Learn more about Dominion Voting machines and Communist China’s involvement here

Situation Update: A Michigan Judge has ordered the release of the results of an investigation into the Dominion Voting machines conducted by Allied Security Operations Group)ASOG) that concluded Dominion machines were set at 68.05% Error Rate. Read about it here

and here

Another ruling by the Wisconsin Supreme Court isn’t good news for ‘ inclusive voter fraud Biden ‘. Read about it here

Situation Update: The tide is beginning to turn in the President’s favor.  A Judge in Wisconsin has now ruled over 200,000 Biden votes are illigitimate. Read about it here

In another contested state, Georgia, a report coming out of the Senate has concluded illegal activity did happen on Nov.3 in Georgia contrary to what the Secretary of State there said. Read here

What has now been revealed strongly indicates massive voter fraud occured across the electoral map, and the silence of the Biden Campaign not calling for a thorough and transparent investigation...speaks volumes about him, his running mate, and the Democrat Party. Maybe because Joe Biden has known all along of the existence of a massive voter fraud operation since the previous administration? Listen below:

Maybe Joe Biden had a dementia moment when he forgot he wasn’t suppose to say what he appears to be admitting to? How about that word ‘ inclusive ‘ Joe. Why did you feel the need to describe the voter fraud as ‘ inclusive ‘ as you move closer to the camera? Exclusively designed to benefit just you and your party, huh? Yeah probably.

It doesn’t past the smell test America.

But for those still not convinced, consider the fact Joe Biden’s pick for Chief of Staff, Ronald Klain, once admitted ...’ elections are rigged ‘. Read about it here

Learn more about what is yet to be exposed, below:

and here

And also claims she has a sworn-affidavit from a whistle-blower, a former Military officer in Venezuela, who witnessed the voter-fraud caused by the software in question in real time, to keep a socialist-dictator in power. Listen below:

I think the Democrat Party and its fake-news puppets, social-media platforms, along with corrupt government officials, that have been complict in aiding and abetting and covering up the truth about foreign interference in American elections, are about to learn a hard lesson- You don’t get to betray the Nation and the memory of patriots to Communism and get away with it.

Learn more about  the origins and purpose of ‘ operation scorecard ‘ to manipulate voting machines below:

If the information brought forward by General McInerny and Admiral Ace Lyons talked about in the interview with Dave Janda, as well as Sidney Powell, and others is true, and i believe it is, they are heroes, and the DOJ should be launching an immediate full scale investigation into whether similar ‘ glitches ‘ occured in the 27 other States where the same software was used. 
Watch below:

Learn more about how the settings on ‘ voting machines ‘ are being manipulated to effect the outcome of the vote-count, below:

Learn more about how trucks and vans arrived in the middle of the night in Michigan and Wisconsin, delivering mass numbers of ballots that were then counted and attributed to only Joe Biden after the election deadline had already passed and Trump was leading- suddenly putting Biden in the lead. Listen below:

Learn more here

Another whistle-blower in Michigan, Atricia Bomer, has come forward and signed an affidavit to witnessing ’ tabulation machines being tampered with ‘ that has undermined her confidence in the integrity of the election process. Watch below:
.  here

and here

Learn what a political-strategist says about what concerned citizens should be doing over the on-going attempts to steal the election in Democrat-controlled areas, putting pressure on the ‘legislatures ‘ in the States in question, to excercise their Constitutional authority related to Elections, by overseeing the counting process.

But i think there needs to be even more decisive action taken. Read about what actually could and probably needs to be done-here:  

and how The President, Congress and The Supreme Court have a Constitutional Duty to stop fraudulent elections from occuring. Read here

The claims of Gen. McInerny and others related to ‘ software ‘ being used to effect voting results is also supported by experts., including a group of computer scientists led by Dr. Shiva Ayyadurai, an MIT/PhdD  Fulbright Scholar with 4 Degrees. Read about it here

and here

There’s been yet another stunning development-A lawsuit filed  in the State of Georgia, and another in Michigan, by former prosecutor Sidney Powell alleges Communist Agents of China, as well as Iran, accessed the software used by Dominion Voting Systems, in order to monitor and manipulate U.S Elections, including the Presidential Election. of 2020.   Read about it here  

Learn more here

Another high profile Attorney, Lin Wood, also claims to have evidence of mail-in ballots being discovered in a warehouse in Georgia. Read about it here

Yet another high-profile Lawyer, Constitutional Attorney Robert Barnes, says the amount of voter-fraud in the 2020 Presidential Election is unprecedented in the Nation’s history and  makes a mockery of our system and elections to the rest of the world and urges the Supreme Court to get involved. Yes- but i would also argue it doesn’t just make a mockery of our system, it also harms National Security, causing allies to lose confidence, as well as our own citizenry. Listen below:

Former Navy Seal Eric Greitiens explains why there must be an investigation and audits in numerous states related to voter fraud. Listen below:

Learn more about communist groups in America and their involvement in the organization of riots, as well as influencing elections in swing states in support of Biden, and their ties to Communism here

and here

Learn more about how employees with the company Dominion Voting Systems now under scrutiny for allegations of voter fraud shared an office with the Soros Corporation but now closing their doors and dissappearing, who also had ties with the communist/ terrorist group Antifa here 

and here

Situation Update: Data experts are now claiming more than 790 Thousand ‘ laundered votes ‘ were injected into the system in Arizona. Read here

Mounting evidence indicates the Dominion Voting machines are not secure and the software used was responsible for flipping mass numbers of votes, and that Biden only outperformed Trump in areas that used those machines. But former AG Barr leaves office saying no Federal basis for their seizure? Read here

In another stunning development, a former high ranking Military Commander, Lt.General Thomas McInerney, has confirmed a U.S Military Special Forces raid on a CIA-run server farm in Frankfurt Germany that revealed irrefutable evidence China, Iran and Russia were involved in an attempted coup against the current President, The Information obtained in the raid indicates a serious struggle is taking place at the highest levels of the U.S Government, between the Trump Administration and pr0-American Patriots, and Seditionist/Traitors entrenched in certain agencies, placed there by the previous administration, who are now being exposed as colluding with foreign nations to interefer with U.S elections to the benefit of Communism. Read about here

and here:

Learn more about how Communist China has infiltrated Government’s and Businesses in the U.S and abroad here

Learn more about media outlets, and Senior U.S Offcials, accepting ‘ sponsored trips ‘ from China, collaborating with Communism here

and here

and here

Situation Update: An Audit of Dominion machines in Georgia by an an IT expert reveals Election results were transmitted  back to Communist China. Read here

Situation Update: Resistance is growing in contested states by board members refusing to make the Dominion Voting Machines available for audit. Why? If they have nothing to hide, why not turn them over? The answer is obvious-they have something to hide. They know the election was stolen and they’re being complicit in the crime. So the President should move forward with the Emergency Act and seize the machines, also recommended by his National Securtity Advisor-Gen Flyn. Read more here

and here

Learn about how the Republican Party lawmakers intend to challenge the Election results on January 6. Read here

Positive Update: Georgia Senate recommends de-certifying Electors. Read here

Positive Update: Vote total of both candidates Biden and Trump combined exceeds total number of registered voters that actually voted, irrefutable proof of voter fraud  on a scale that overturns Biden’s election if the illegal votes are ruled invalid. Read about it here

Positive Update: After the former AG William Barr failed to be transparent, the President is moving forward by authorizing Special Prosecutor Durham to have access to ‘ Classified Material’.  Read about it here

Positive Update: The Department of Justice (DOJ) has released a 25 pg. report concluding massive voter-fraud likely occured in the State of Georgia and Pennsylvania. See Here

Positive Update: Stanford Researcher-Pulitzer confirms Dominion Voting machines in Georgia connected to Internet, contrary to Dominion claims they are not hackable, and therefor not federally certifiable See here

and here

and here

Positive Update: Radio show host claims to have irrefutable evidence, including video, of phony ballots on planes flown into Arizona to effect the outcome .See here

Situation Update: A video of vans removing ballots from a Georgia warehouse has been delivered to the Sheriff’s office in that State. Read here

Situation Update: Ga Voter fraud-The exact numbers. Read here

Situation Update: Failing FBI leadership seized control of ballots being analyzed and sent  them to the shredder. See here

Situation Update: Hundreds of  State Senators briefed on Election fraud. See here

Situation Update: Its been reported leaked audio reveals Dominion employees trained in how to alter election results. See here

Situation Update: Wisconsin Legislature intoducing a Resolution to decertify and award the electoral votes to Trump. Read here

Situation Update: Peter Navarro published ‘ Art of the Steal Report ‘. See here

Situation Update: Peter Navarro has published part 3 report on how the elction was stolen. See here

Situation Update: Intelligence analysts appears to have withheld information of communist interference in Presidential Election because of political disagreement on policy. Read here

Situation  Update: Failing FBI leadership claims Antifa not involved in the mayhem that occured at the Nation’s Capital on January 6th now being used as the basis for more bogus Articles of Impeachment by the Congress, but video, photo and witness testimonials, as well as BLM and Antifa Advertisements, indicate otherwise. Read here

Situation Update: Contrary to the claims of the FBI that marxist/communist Antifa activists were not involved in the mayhem at the Nation’s Capital, the first extremist that entered the building was known Antifa and BLM activist John Sullivan. Read about it here

Situation Update: The FBI is now admitting the President was not responsible for causing the riots at the Nation’s Capital on January 6th. See here

and here

Situation Update: CNN, NPR fake news reporter complicit with Antifa activist in instigating the Capital riots. See here

Situation Update: Project Veritas releases hidden camera footage of election activists who confessed to illegally registering thousands of people to the same address. Read about it here

Situation Update: Retired Air Force Lt. Gen Thomas McInerney confirms Trump won by about 11 Million votes. See here

Situation update: There is an historic election audit  now underway in the State of Arizona. see here

Situation Update: Arizona election audit confirms significant voter fraud. see here

Situation Update: Voting machines in Pennsylvania confirmed to have counted only Democrat votes. read here

Situation Update: Significant election fraud, including vote data being deleted in Arizona audit. see here

Positive Update: the number of audits are increasing. see here

and here

Situation Update: A new film by a former anti-Trumper now says the election was stolen here

Positive Update: learn why the Arizona audit has the Democrats so panicked here


Because of all the uncertainty over voter-fraud in the 2020 Presidential Election, and fake-news failing to accurately report the facts, i feel its my duty to inform the American people what i believe the situation to be based on facts known to me as of this moment

The usual fake-news networks are trying to portray the current Administration as using the situation as an excuse to overthrow the U.S Government, and claiming there is no evidence of systemic voter fraud on a scale that would overturn the election, but as the facts abovereveal, they are lying:

On the Question of Voter Fraud and Reform

Evidence that systemic voter fraud occured in the 2020 Presidential Election is now overwhelming, and in my opinion, irrefutable, and on a scale that would overturn Biden’s election.

First- the vote total of both candidates Biden and Trump combined has been confirmed to exceed the total number of registered voters that actually voted in the Election by more than 13 Million votes, irrefutable evidence systemic voter fraud occured in Biden’s favor, and on a scale that would overturn the Election, also confirmed by the whistle blower Bill Benny. Read hear

and here

learn more about vote fraud here


That is also cooborated by the following:

1. an investigation conducted by Military Intelligence in real time that confirmed election interference by hostile foreign nations, including communists, did in fact occur

2. Dominion Voting Systems company manual contains evidence that reveals built-in features that make the manipulation of votes possible

3. Texas Secretary of State conducted a full-scale investigation into the software used by Dominion and concluded it is not secure, that the machines can be remotely accessed by potential hostile influence

4. evidence of impossible anomalies occuring during the counting process such as Biden racking up 140,000 votes in just five seconds, when the machines are not able to count that fast; as well as numerous other ‘ glitches ‘ occuring in different states that flipped votes from Trump to Biden, including the State of Arizona, where over 790K laundered votes were injected into the system

5 Stanford Research expert-Pulitzer, confirmed Dominion Voting machines connected to Internet, contrary to Dominion claims

5.  an audit of Dominion voting machines in Georgia by IT expert-Ramsland revealed tabulation machines were sending election results back to Communist China

6. Biden only outperformed Trump in areas where Dominion machines were used

7. redacted evidence in the logs of the software of some machines to eliminate evidence of fraud

8. CEO of Dominion admitting on tape to making certain Trump did not win

9. Video tape of Biden admitting to ‘ inclusive voter fraud ‘, and

10. direct linkage between a Biden family member (Nephew) and Dominion Voting Systems Company

Clearly-there is overwhelming evidence of systemic voter fraud on a scale that would overturn the election. Maybe some in fake-news need to take a refresher course in math because the numbers don’t add up (irrefutable evidence)

The question now becomes-if enough State Legislatures fail to challenge and flip enough Electoral Votes in contested states, and the Supreme Court fails to get involved, what can the President do? At that point is the President forced to concede and turn over power to National security risk/ voter fraud Biden ? No. But what can the President do? Because of an Executive Order signed by the President early in his Administration, he has  options:

In 2018 The President signed an Executive Order that set in motion an investigation into election interference that some in Washington, including Military, have known about for some time, An investigation was subsequently conducted by Military Intelligence, and conluded election interference did in fact occur by hostile foreign nations, including communists( See Here

We know that investigation actually occured in real time because the expert analyst involved in the investigation provided Attorney Sidney Powell with a sworn affidavit that is now part of pending litigation.  Read here

Now some may be asking does that help the President if the Court fails to get involved?

Even if that happens, the President still has options-Contrary to what the Democrats and their fake news puppets are saying, accusing the President of Insurrection, there is actually a legal basis for the President to use the Insurrection Act against betrayers in American politics, News Media and Business, who have been aiding and abetting the communist underground movement in America to overthrow the U.S Government.

The evidence that establishes the legal basis for the President to do that actually begins with the rioting and burning of cities across America in about 40 states in 2020. Evidence has been uncovered and reported, including being posted at this site, that reveals ‘ communist front groups ‘ were involved in the organizing of those attacks leading up to the election. That amounts to Sedition, and an Act of War.  as well as election interference by communist China, confirmed by the investigation conducted in real time by The U.S Military

So the President clearly has legal standing to invoke The Insurrection Act, and some of the options available to him then includes the seizure of the Dominion Machines, which should have already been done, as well as running another election in contested states under Military supervision. He has that option, confirmed by National Security Advisor Gen. Flyn.

But based on the evidence known to me at this time, Joe Biden, and his son Hunter Biden, probably deserve to be sitting in a GITMO cell for their business dealings with communist-spy’s and charged with Treason, instead of being taken seriously as a Presidential Candidate. (See here

and here

and here

and here

and here

and here

Sitation update: Learn about what the Biden Administration is really doing to America through legislation to advance a ‘socialist agenda’ that fake news fails to properly characterize. read here

Situation Update: The F.B.I has once again been caught illegally collecting information on Americans through ‘ back door channels ‘ without warrant even though the Courts have ruled it is unconstitutional, but will voter/fraud Biden Administration do anything about it? read here

And how about the death of Navy Seals when you were Vice President under Barack Obama? According to Lt. General Thomas McInerney, alot of Navy Seals lost their lives because of that Administration.

And i just have one question for voter fraud Biden-Did you and your son start doing business with communist spy’s before or after U.S intel operatives were murdered by the communists over there?

If the Democrats and enemies of the Nation they are colluding with are allowed to get away with rigging elections, the Nation won’t survive it. The marxist/communist movement in America will succeed in overthrowing the U.S Government and transitioning the Nation that would turn American society into a nightmare. Remember what Josef Stalin said..’ Those who cast the votes decide nothing. Those who count the votes decide everything ‘. Free and fair elections will become a mirage, because they will continue to use the machines to make certain another America First Candidate is never re-elected. Washington will actually become a socialist-dictatorship disguised as something else, and once that happens, the only way patriots will be able to get them out of power will be armed revolution. If the voter fraud is allowed to continue, future generations will be forced to fight another Revolution for their Independence, but next time, it’ll be against your own Government that will be allied with Communism.

And one of the first things voter fraud/ Biden has done since inauguration that further confirms treasonous collaboration with communist enemies- he rescinded an Executve Order by Trump banning Communist involvement in the U.S power grid. See here

and moving forward with amnesty for millions of illegal migrants to increase their voter base  and putting a halt to securing the border that will mean massive amounts of drugs flooding the nation, and gangs like ms13 and terrorists coming across the border, that will make communities everywhere in America increasingly unsafe again. See here

and stabs Americans in the back by removing an Iranian sponsored terrorist group that calls for death to Americans and Jews from being designated a terror group. See here

and here

making Americans pay more for your medications to put more money into the pockets of big pharma companies. See here

and signs Executive Orders even though he doesn’t know what he is signing like a puppet for radical communists would do. Read here

and allies the Federal Government with the admitted marxist/communist BLM here

The political establishment at the Nation’s Capital has become contemptible, filled with cowardly traitors betraying the nation to communism, and tragically compromised child rapist/murderers. The President should stay in the fight to stop the voter-fraud and takeover of the Nation by its enemies, and get the communist underground movement and its allies in American Politics, News Media, and Business- done, and if he does, the Military should support him.

Until then, everybody needs to mobilize in preparation for the next mid-terms in 2022 to take back control of both the Congress and Senate. I’ll be posting my endorsements at this site, beginning with the Candidate Eric Greitens, former Navy Seal, in the upcoming Missouri Senate race here

On the question of Voter Reform: until mail-in ballots and machines are eliminated, along with Voter-Id Law and Signature Verification, there will continue to be systemic voter fraud in elections going forward.

Congress should send Voter Reform Legislation to the Senate including an additional 30 days to be added to the transition period between Election Day and Inauguaration, to provide a more adequate period of time in which to investigate and litigate election fraud, and if they do not,  they are guilty of aiding and abetting enemies of the Nation, and deserve an escort to GITMO.

Situation Update: its recently come to my attention because of the situation related to voter fraud and interference in our elections by hostile nations as well as the border crisis that moral is low in the military, as well as the entire America First movement. Well i’ve got some good news for everybody that should give you hope that its going to be okay.

Sources have indicated a ‘ smoking gun email ‘ has been obtained that is highly incriminating of certain Government officials of a previous administration that reveals i was targeted by the Democrat political establishment, and they desperately don’t want it made public. Negotiations have been underway for the past 48hrs, and i believe a deal has been reached, that includes a settlement in a law suit that is going to be filed in the near future, as well as voter reform legislation and border security, including changes to the immigration laws ; discontinuing the scheme of transitioning the Government to a socialist-government by way of infrastructure projects and creating a free-loader class of citizens by providing them enough free money theres no incentive to go back to work, as well as all the other socialistic-trends like hidden sources of revenue in the budget and confiscation of public land in states across the nation by the Bureau of Land Management ; instructing the DOJ to move forward with an honest investigation into the allegations surrounding Chief Justice Roberts ties to Epstein and possibly evidence in the possession of the attorney Lin Wood, and when confirmed, impeachment proceeedings to remove him from the bench, and not replaced with a radical, and no stacking the Court-in exchange for the smoking gun email in question not being made public.

I have made it clear if the majority leaders in the Congress and Senate do not cooperate with the necessary legislation outlined above, i expect the Biden Administration to build a coalition of support within the Democrat Party to have them both removed, and that is non-negotiable.  But if the Administration refuses to comply with the terms of the agreement and continues to ally itself with Communists and other enemies of the nation, the smoking gun email is to be made public and the Administration removed from the map.

News Organizations can immediately begin exposing the exculpatory evidence published by wikileaks related to the nbsp/fabrication that was done to me and others, but the smoking gun email is not to be made public unless something happens to me. And anybody that has been targeted and framed in some way for leverage and control by sleaze in the federal government, no matter who you are, whether a Politician, Supreme Court Justice, Business Leader or News Organization, to stop you from doing your job or being patriotic enough to support conservatism, you can now confidently defy them.  The shoe is on the other foot. Patriots now have leverage on the political establishment. You don’t have to worry about the Biden DOJ coming after you. I’ve got your back-i’ll put the brakes on it.

Stay tuned America for more details of a Platform of Change you can count on for The Next American Revolution, and read what former military officers are urging all Americans to do here

a word of caution to all active Military: if you become a critic of marxist/communism, you will be removed from command. you need to lay low. read about it here

Learn more about what marxism is by reading Mark Levin’s new book entitled American Marxism  available at Amazon or at

and Dr. Sebastian Gorka’s book entitled Why we Fight available at

On The Question of Educational Reform

Public schools (k-12) across America are failing. Children are being encouraged to question their own sexual-identity, and indoctrinated with an insiduously-destructive ideology known as ‘ critical race theory ‘ that is rooted in marxist/communist ideology that will have disastrous consequences for the future of the Nation, because it instills a hatred in children for their neighbor, as well as the Nation itself, that will increasingly produce a population divided against itself. It must be discontinued by local school boards, and parents need to vote school choice and vouchers. 

Of course critics will call somebody out as ‘ racist ‘ who takes that position, but they’re frauds...children of all Americans, regardless of race, would benefit by receiving a quality education in a privately run school ,without the indoctrination of destructive ideology being crammed down their throat.

Learn more about why public schools funded by government are failing, and need to be abandoned. Listen below: